Forum Posting Guidelines


1.  Be Polite
Positive, constructive comments and questions that are on topic will help maintain a positive spirit on this website. Please give the same consideration and tolerance to others that you would like to receive from them.

2.  Start new discussion threads in the correct Working Group Forum
Example: If your topic is directly related to Media, do not post it to the Food Working Group Forum.

3.  Use a descriptive topic subject
A reader should be able to easily determine what the content of a topic is simply by reading the title. This will ensure that others who can help will see your post more easily and will improve your chances of receiving a response.

Example: if you have a question about an upcoming meeting, do not use “Meeting” as the subject title of your post. Instead, use a subject title like “When is the next Working Group Meeting?”

4.  Stay on topic
Each thread is started with a topic and a purpose. Please keep comments relevant to the thread. If you have a suggestion or comment that is on a different topic, please start a new thread within the appropriate forum.

5.  Practice good netiquette
This includes respect for others, refraining from typing in ALL CAPS, avoiding flame wars, refraining from “bumping” threads (i.e.., posting for the sole purpose of moving a thread to the top of a forum page), using non-generic thread titles that indicate the subject of the thread, and keeping posts civil at all times.

6.  Check back for replies to your post(s)
Because of the nature of forums, you may find that your post may not get a response right away. Make sure you check back on your post periodically for a few days to allow others to respond your question.


1.  Don’t post personal information in the forums
Please do your best to keep your personal information safe. This includes:
•       Your telephone number
•       Your physical/mailing address
•       Email addresses
•       Account information
•       Other personally identifiable information

Please conduct personal conversations via Private Messages. This includes questions/messages aimed at a specific member (e.g. “Where do you live?”), your personal forum status (e.g. “I’m leaving now”), the status of another member (e.g.”Where is Jane?”), etc.

2.  Don’t use profanity
Please keep your posts clean. First time offenders will receive a warning from a forum moderator. Individuals who ignore the warning may have their forum posting privileges revoked.

3.  Don’t post threats
Posting threatening comments directed towards an individual, or group of individuals, or threatening someone via Private Message(s) will not be tolerated This includes, but is not limited to, threats of physical violence and threats of malicious activities. Posting threatening comments may result in the loss of forum posting privileges.

4.  Don’t post malicious content
Posting content designed to disrupt or interfere with the operation of another member’s computer is not permitted. This may include, but is not limited to, linking to viruses and linking to pages that hijack browsers. Posting this type of content may result in the loss of forum posting privileges.

5.  Don’t post illegal content
Do not infringe on copyrighted material. Illegal content posts (e.g. Offers or posted links to Pirated Software and/or requests/how-to’s for obtaining copyrighted content without legal purchase) will be removed, and may result in the loss of forum posting privileges.

6.  Don’t troll or spam
Trolls are individuals who start inflammatory threads or post rude or offensive messages for the purpose of disrupting a discussion or to upset other forum participants. Trolling behavior includes purposely harassing a particular member, employee, moderator, or administrator, sending them rude or unwanted private messages, etc. Trolls risk having their posts removed and may be banned from participating in the forums. Similarly, repeated posting of a message (or very similar messages) multiple times is considered spamming and is prohibited. Members who troll or spam may have their forum posting privileges revoked

7.  Don’t post inappropriate content
Messages containing religious, racial, or sexually offensive content, profanity, insults, or other inappropriate content will be removed, and the member’s forum posting privileges may be revoked.

8.  Don’t post advertisements or solicitations  
Group Forums are not to be used for trading, swapping, selling or advertising products, services, or other online venues. This includes multi-level marketing schemes, and soliciting funds or other donations for what may or may not be a charitable cause. Posting advertisements or solicitations may result in the loss of forum posting privileges.

9.  Don’t insult (flame) other members
We ask all members to discuss issues and disagree with other posters without resorting to or responding with insults, whether they are blatantly offensive or subtle and indirect.  Responding to an insult with an insult makes a poster as guilty of flaming as the original poster. Flaming is the act of posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting. These types of posts are not allowed and may result in the loss of forum posting privileges.

Members who disregard these guidelines will receive a warning message from a forum administrator or moderator informing them of the issue. Members who continue to ignore the guidelines after having received a warning message may have their forum posting privileges revoked.